How to transfer local iOS notes with iCloud

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There are times when fans of the stock Notes app want to copy their notes between iOS devices. First off, restoring from a backup will copy all notes stored in the backup to a new iPhone. However, setting up an iPhone as a new device (and not using the backup) is a different story. Getting a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch means old notes could potentially be lost. iCloud will automatically sync notes saved to iCloud folders, but locally stored notes can easily be stranded on an older device.

Use iOS screen captures like sticky notes with Snapper

Snappy 2

The sequel to Snapper greatly enhances the built-in iOS screenshot taking feature. Snapper 2 makes it possible to grab a screen capture like normal, or to crop a subset of the display before the screen shot is saved. Besides just taking custom-sized screenshots, the real power of Snapper is on display when utilizing the cropped screen grabs (snaps) as a Post-it note. Multiple snaps can float on the screen when using another app, providing a window into the captured information from anywhere.

OS X Leopard Notes Don't Sync with iPhone

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Mac OS X Leopard beta testers that Leopard's mail included notes feature akin to the Notes program on the iPhone. The optimistic, and somewhat logical, hope at the time was that notes on the iPhone would sync with notes in the new Leopard version of Mail. In fact, note syncing was even listed at one time in Apple's feature list for Leopard. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

leopard mail has notes

According to a review of Leopard published by ITworld, though the Notes in Leopard and on the iPhone make look the same, smell


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