How to remove Memoji from your emoji keyboard on iPhone

How to remove Memoji from the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

If you aren't a fan of Memoji, the customizable human Animoji, and you are a minimalist, you probably don't want the Memoji stickers showing up in your Messages app, especially since they appear in your frequently used emoji. Up until now you could only hide the sticker pack from the options appearing above the keyboard, but you would still see them in your emoji options. iOS 13.3, however, lets you get rid of them altogether. Here's how to remove Memoji from your Messages app on iPhone and iPad:

How to add a subject line to Messages on iPhone

Message subject in bold iPhone

Most everyone is familiar with the subject line in emails. Not only does the subject provide context for the email thread, but sometimes the subject line itself is the entire message. Did you know that text messages and iMessages have a built-in subject line? On Apple devices, this feature is normally switched off.

How to search your Messages on iPhone

How to search messages on iPhone and iPad.

If you've ever tried to find a text that somebody sent you, or a link or photo, you likely found the Messages app's search function to be less than stellar. iOS 13 brings not only enhanced capabilities, but a much improved interface as well, making searching your text messages a much easier task than before. Here's how to search your Messages on your iPhone or iPad:


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