How to install and manage apps in Messages

How to install and manage apps in iOS Messages.

Among the many new features introduced by iOS 10 is the integration of apps with the Messages app. While sticker packs were probably one of the first Messages apps you became aware of, there are many more. ESPN lets you send score updates to friends, OpenTable lets you and your friends vote on where to eat, Yelp lets you share reviews, just to name a few. In fact, many of the apps you use regularly may integrate with Messages. Here's how to manage them within Messages:

How to share Live Photos using iOS 9

Live Photos examples

One of the features Apple highlights on the iPhone 6s is Live Photos. While only the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can capture Live Photos, any device running iOS 9 is capable of viewing these moving images. When it comes to the files, Live Photos are essentially a still accompanied by a short video recorded at 15 frames per second. Non-Apple devices and those running older versions of iOS will only see Live Photos as a normal still image. So what is the best way to share Live Photos and preserve their movement using iOS 9?

View full conversations in quick reply with Couria

Couria quick reply

Quick reply is a useful feature in iOS 8, however it can leave iPhone owners in the dark. Normally the quick reply screen shows the only last message received and a keyboard. The jailbreak tweak Couria enhances quick reply by displaying the entire conversation thread. Not only this, but once installed the tweak can be customized and used with Activator.

How to schedule iOS messages and more with Columba

Columba messaging

Columba is a messaging tweak that brings many enhancements to jailbroken iOS 8.x devices. In addition to quick compose and quick reply functions accessible from anywhere, Columba adds messaging templates and scheduling to the mix. Once installed, the tweak can be configured under Settings. The first choice is whether to enable a windowed interface or stick to the full native Messages style.


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