How to add a personalized image and name to your messages

Name and Photo iOS 13

iPhone users running iOS 13 or later can now add a personalized image and name to their messages. This allows you to control the photo and name others see when you send a text message to another iOS device. However, it is basically a suggestion since the person receiving the text message can choose to either use your image and name or use the image and name they have already assigned to you.

5 alternatives to Podcasts for iPhone

Podcast managers and players for iPhone and iPad.

The native Podcasts app on the iPhone, while completely functional, leaves a lot to be desired for some users. It does not offer the most intuitive user interface and the layout just seems a bit confused, but the real deal breaker is the woefully underdeveloped playlist system - you can't even view your playlist! If it works for you, by all means stick with it, but if it grates on your nerves a bit, there are plenty of other third-party options out there. Here are five to check out that might suit your tastes better than Apple's Podcasts:

The Podcast App

How to have your Google account deleted after you die

How to delete your Google account after you die.

While it is common knowledge that one should have a will to distribute their assets in the advent of their death, it is likely that many people haven't given much thought to their digital assets. Aside from your data being valuable, you probably don't want an open social media account receiving messages after you have passed away. Facebook, for instance, lets you assign somebody to memorialize your page or lets you have it deleted upon receiving proof of your death. Likewise, your Google account holds a lot of information that should also have a management plan in the case of your death.

How to check your iPhone or iPad warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

How to check your iPhone or iPad's warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

Apple's iPhones and iPads are covered by a one year limited warranty, starting on the purchase date. You have always been able to check how much time you have left by heading to and entering your iPhone's serial number. iOS 12.2 has made this process a whole lot easier by simply putting the warranty info (and AppleCare if you have it) right in your Settings. Here's how to find it on your iPhone or iPad:

How to have your Facebook page memorialized or deleted after you die

How to add a legacy contact and have your Facebook account deleted after you die.

Your data is unquestionably an asset in this day and age and just like your money and other physical assets, should be planned for in the event of your death. Aside from all of the personal information on your Facebook page, your friends will probably notice if you suddenly go silent, especially if you are an active user. That being the case, you probably want something to be done with your page once you have moved on, rather than leave an unmanned page and people wondering where you are. To avoid this, Facebook lets you have your page either memorialized by a "legacy contact" or deleted.


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