How to connect a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone

How to connect a bluetooth mouse to iPhone.

Due to popular demand from iPad users for mouse support, iPadOS obliged, adding support for both wired and Bluetooth pointing devices. iOS 13 did the same, adding the feature as an Accessibility option, so you can now connect your favorite Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone. Unless your favorite Bluetooth mouse is the Magic Mouse 2, which for some unfathomable reason, will not pair. The Magic Mouse 1 will connect though, and so will just about any other wireless mouse. Here's how to do it:

How to unsend messages on Instagram before they're seen

How to unsend Instagram messages before people see them on iPhone and iPad.

We've likely all sent texts, emails, messages on Facebook and other social media channels only to cringe seconds later, wishing we hadn't sent them. Snapchat realized that its users would certainly appreciate being able to delete messages before the recipients could read them, so it developed such a tool. Instagram has now followed suit and added the ability to delete messages on its platform before they are read.

How to flip photos and adjust their perspective on iPhone

How to flip or reverse photos and adjust their horizontal and vertical perspective on iPhone and iPad.

Apple has updated iPhone's photo editing interface in iOS 13, making it more intuitive and adding a few new features and tools as well. You can now fine tune filter intensity, flip photos, and adjust their perspective along the x and y axes. Flipping a photo simply gives you a mirror image while adjusting the perspective along the horizontal and vertical planes basically lets you adjust the viewing angle, similar to Instagram's perspective correction tools. Here's how to do both on iPhone:

How to pre-order Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour for iPhone

How to pre-order Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour for iPhone

Nintendo's ultra-popular Mario Kart series continues on September 25th with the launch of Mario Kart Tour. The long awaited game was originally announced back in February but was delayed. Now it is available for pre-order which, if you are wondering why you'd want to pre-order, will send you a notification as soon as it is available, and automatically download it if you have that feature turned on on your iPhone.


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