Last minute Christmas ideas

Liberty Air 2

The 2019 shopping season is winding down but you still have plenty of time to make online purchases and get that last minute gift you have been looking for. Amazon is offering holiday deals on Prime, allowing you to take advantage of fast and free shipping to insure your purchases arrive in time for the holidays. Below are some recommended products you can easily order through

How to remove shows from the "Up Next" section of the TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

How to remove shows and movies from Up Next in Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

The "Up Next" section of the Apple TV app is a useful feature that helps you keep track of what shows you are watching and where you are in each show. So if you've been watching 20 different shows across Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+, you should be able to see at a glance that you are on episode 5 of The Mandalorian and season 2 episode 8 of The Handmaid's Tale and so on.

How to password protect your private photos on iPhone

How to password protect your private photos on iPhone and iPad.

You may have photos in your camera roll that you would rather others not see, because they are simply private - whether they are embarrassing, compromising, have private data like passwords in them or otherwise. You probably want to keep them out of sight of somebody who might be browsing your camera roll, whether it is someone who stole your phone or simply a friend you handed it to to check out some pics. iOS offers a way to hide photos but surprisingly doesn't let you put them in a password protected album.

How to track Santa Claus on your iPhone

How to track Santa Claus on iPhone and iPad.

It has been a longstanding Christmas tradition to track Santa's progress as he makes his way around the world, delivering gifts from his flying-reindeer powered sleigh. With the help of NORAD, local news stations have been tracking Santa for years now, much to the delight of children across the U.S. Of course now you don't have to wait for your local newscast to prove to your children that Santa is in fact on his way, and that they had better get to bed before he arrives. There are several ways to track the jolly fellow's progress right from your iPhone or iPad:

Best game controllers for Apple Arcade

SteelSeries Nimbus Apple TV

Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to over 100 titles with a free trial and monthly subscription. Most titles support the use of a gaming controller, which brings the Apple Arcade experience closer to that of dedicated gaming consoles. Even regular App Store games can be easier to play with a controller, instead of touching the screen or using the Apple TV remote.


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