How to listen to YouTube in the background on iPhone

How to listen to YouTube in the background on iPhone and iPad.

One of the benefits of having a YouTube premium membership, along with picture-in-picture (not available everywhere at the time of this writing) and access to YouTube Music, is the ability to play YouTube in the background. This lets you listen to your favorite YouTube channels while using other apps on your iPhone or iPad, or listening with the screen off. If you have a premium account, here's how to listen to YouTube in the background:

6 tips for a better YouTube experience

6 tips and tricks to improve your YouTube mobile experience on iPhone and iPad.

As one of the most popular apps in the history of apps, chances are you use YouTube to one degree or another. Whether you have your own channel and create your own content or you simply watch videos that friends share with you, there are probably some useful functions or "tricks" that you have overlooked that could improve your experience. Here are six such tips:


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