How to break your YouTube addiction by setting a reminder

Take a Break

We have all done it, promised ourselves that we would only watch one more video on YouTube only to find ourselves still watching pimple popping videos a few hours later. It's known as a YouTube Rabbit Hole, and it is an easy hole to fall into. Luckily YouTube is concerned about its users and has launched three tools to help curb phone addiction. One of these new tools allows users to break from their YouTube trance by setting a reminder to appear while watching videos. The new feature is available in version 13.7 of the YouTube app for the iPhone. Here's how to set a reminder to help yourself take a break from watching too many videos:

YouTube TV arrives on Apple TV

YouTube TV

Google has delivered its YouTube TV app to Apple TV. Apple TV owners were initially expecting the app to launch in 2017, however it was delayed. This week brings the tvOS version of YouTube TV to the App Store, as well as a native app to Roku streaming devices. Previously, YouTube TV subscribers had to deliver content to their Apple TV using AirPlay from an iOS device.

How do I stop YouTube's video recommendations?

YouTube's constant video recommendations can be bothersome, especially if you are the type that has to address your badge notifications as soon as they appear. You can either turn off notifications for YouTube in Settings -> Notifications -> YouTube, or you can stop the video recommendations specifically by opening the YouTube app and tapping on your account in the top right, then going to Settings -> Notifications and toggling off Recommended videos.


How to turn off YouTube autoplay on iPhone

YouTube autoplay ON

Autoplay is all the rage, with many apps such as Netflix, YouTube and others continuously playing videos non-stop. This can be a welcome feature when binge watching a show, however at times it's a problem. For example, YouTube will keep playing recommended videos ad nauseam, which could end up coming from anywhere. The good news is that YouTube has a switch to turn this feature off.


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