How to combine all of your YouTube Notifications into one daily digest

YouTube Digest

The YouTube app has been updated with tools to help users curb phone addiction. The new features include the ability to set a rest reminder, and the ability to silence notifications within the free YouTube app. YouTube users can also now schedule a daily digest to receive one daily notification for all YouTube alerts including live streams, upload and comment notifications.

How to disable YouTube sound and vibrations for silent notifications

Disable Sounds and Vibrations

Version 13.6+ of the YouTube app for iOS includes three new tools to help curb phone addiction. One of these tools allows you to disable sounds and vibrations so you will only receive silent notifications during a specified time period of each day. This not only helps users cut down on how much they look at their phone each day, but it can also be used to silence your device during important meetings or other events. Here's how to use the new disable sounds & vibrations feature in the YouTube app:

How to break your YouTube addiction by setting a reminder

Take a Break

We have all done it, promised ourselves that we would only watch one more video on YouTube only to find ourselves still watching pimple popping videos a few hours later. It's known as a YouTube Rabbit Hole, and it is an easy hole to fall into. Luckily YouTube is concerned about its users and has launched three tools to help curb phone addiction. One of these new tools allows users to break from their YouTube trance by setting a reminder to appear while watching videos. The new feature is available in version 13.7 of the YouTube app for the iPhone. Here's how to set a reminder to help yourself take a break from watching too many videos:


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