How to watch 4K YouTube videos on iPhone

YouTube iOS

Full resolution 4K video is available for YouTube on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Even the Apple TV 4K has finally received 2160p YouTube support with the launch of tvOS 14. Not all videos on the streaming service offer the maximum resolution, with many topping out at HD quality.

Where 4K or UHD videos are available on YouTube, they can be played on supported devices no matter what size screen. Earlier versions of iOS limited video resolution on the YouTube app to 1080p or less.

Follow these steps to watch YouTube video at full 4K resolution on iOS 14 or later:

  1. Launch the YouTube app
  2. Play a video
  3. Tap anywhere on the video
  4. YouTube 4K video
  5. Choose the more (...) menu in the top corner
  6. YouTube 4K video 2
  7. Tap Quality
  8. YouTube 4K video 3
  9. Select 2160p for 4K video. If the video is not available at 4K resolution the option does not appear