How to stream NFL games on iPhone

NFL app iOS

The football season kicks off this evening with the defending Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles facing the Atlanta Falcons. For fans looking to get their weekly fix of NFL games, the iPhone offers convenient access to live action streaming. Sunday, Monday and Thursday games can be viewed thanks to a variety of different network apps.

Of course, the official NFL app is a must-have to track all of the latest news, plays and highlights.

For streaming NFL football games live, try these apps (some may require a subscription or provider login credentials):


Watching day games can be a great way to spend fall Sundays for NFL fans. To catch these on the iPhone, you'll need to install CBS - Full Episodes & Live TV as well as FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV.

Sunday Night Football

The featured game on Sunday night is broadcast on the NBC Sports program titled, wait for it- Sunday Night Football (SNF).

Monday Night Football

Another staple of the NFL season since its debut in 1970, ESPN Monday Night Football delivers hot matchups at the top of every week. To see the MNF action on iPhone, download ESPN: Live Sports & Scores.

Thursday Night Football

Same as Sunday night, these Thursday Night Football (TNF) games are also on NBC Sports.


Americans will be stuffing themselves with turkey and football on Thanksgiving Day, with NFL games being broadcast in the afternoon and evening. Break out CBS - Full Episodes & Live TV and FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV to see the pigskin fly on the holiday.