Another Google App Bites the Dust! iOS 6 Beta 4 Removes YouTube From Homescreens

It looks like Google Maps isn't the only Google-based app that will disappear when iOS 6 is released in the fall. Engadget readers noticed that the latest iOS 6 beta, which was sent out to developers today, removes the YouTube app from the iOS homescreen when installed.

iOS 6 Beta 4

Both Apple and Google responded to Engadget's inquiry about the app. Apple said the licensing deal it had with Google ended, but "users can still use YouTube via the Safari web app." Apple also said the app would remain on devices running iOS 5 or older, and that Google "is working" on another version.

Login to YouTube on the iPhone with Google Accounts

If you can't login to YouTube on the iPhone, there are simple steps you can take to allow the native YouTube app on your device to connect. The problem arises when your linked Google Account does not have an application-specific password set up for your iPhone YouTube app.

native iPhone YouTube icon

After repeatedly trying to login to your YouTube account with the correct username and password, the iPhone prompts you to login from Safari. Even after following through this process, the YouTube app refuses to acknowledge your credentials are correct. The iPhone error states wrong username or password.

Vimeo Launches iPhone HTML5 Universal Player

Vimeo has expanded its embedded video offerings to include iOS optimized HTML5. The video sharing site first launched iPhone-compatible viewing earlier this year with a limited selection of content. Although selections have been greatly expanded with the Universal Player, there are still videos that require a Vimeo Plus account to view on a mobile device.

apple iphone vimeo html 5

Vimeo is even offering a Javascript snippet to help automate the embed code updates for those who have posted content on their web sites. The Universal Player has been under development for some time, and Vimeo plans to add support for more players as needed.

Vimeo Comes to the iPhone

Watching some of the incredible videos posted on Vimeo is now possible using your iPhone. The video sharing site is working on H.264 encoding its content for mobile viewers. Until now, watching Vimeo content required a web browser with Flash.

iphone vimeo

For the time being a selection of staff picks and HD showcase videos are available using iPhone and Android devices, with more videos on the way. Vimeo is known for offering streaming video in 720p HD quality and banning commercial content.


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