What is YouTube Kids?

How can I use YouTube Kids on iPhone? How much does YouTube Kids cost?

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers a sanitized version of the video-sharing platform designed specifically for children aged 12 and under. It features a range of videos, channels, and playlists curated by human reviewers and filtered by automated systems to ensure that the content is appropriate for young audiences. YouTube Kids includes a range of educational and entertainment content, such as music, cartoons, science experiments, and DIY projects.

The platform also includes parental controls, which allow parents to limit screen time, set search preferences, and disable certain features. The app is available for free on Apple devices, and offers parents who want to give their children access to streaming video a safe and controlled environment. YouTube users can also filter inappropriate content on YouTube with Restricted Mode.

To get started with YouTube Kids, download the free app, launch YouTube Kids, and follow the prompts. If you sign in with a Google account, you will be asked to select the more details on the age range and content experience delivered through the app.