How to listen to YouTube with a locked iPhone


YouTube has become a go-to platform for various audio content, from music and podcasts to educational lectures. However, listening to YouTube audio in the background on your iPhone usually requires a YouTube Premium subscription. Luckily there is a workaround that allows iPhone owners to continue listening to YouTube audio even when the device is locked.

While this method can continue playing audio from the iOS Lock Screen, it does not support background playback while using other apps on the iPhone.

In order to play audio from YouTube with a locked iPhone for free, utilize the build-in capabilities of iOS and the stock web browsing app Safari. Follow these instructions to start playing YouTube sound in the background:

  1. Launch the Safari app
  2. Navigate to YouTube and open the video to hear
  3. Tap the aA button at lower left and choose Request Desktop Website
  4. Play the video and dismiss any prompts asking to open the YouTube app
  5. After the video starts, lock the iPhone using the side button. The video will pause
  6. Wake the Lock Screen and tap Play in the media widget
  7. YouTube will continue to play audio while the iPhone is locked