How to make your photos look like comic book art

How to make your photos look like comic book art on iPhone and iPad.

You won't find a "comic book" lens filter in the Camera app or even in the Photos app where you would expect it to be, but the filter does exist - buried in the Messages app. Why Apple hasn't just added the filter to Camera and Photos is anybody's guess, this way can be a royal pain if you want to take a lot of comic style photos not only because of the extra steps to get there, but because you have to apply the filter before taking the photo, you can't add it after like you can with the photos in the Photos app.

How to add your Apple TV to your Home app

How to add your Apple TV to the Home app on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Home app is designed to be the hub from which you control all of your smart accessories, appliances and other systems around your house. If you have geared up your home with all the latest technology you could set your thermostat, control your lighting, turn on music/TV, set the alarm and much, much more, all from your iPhone. Usually, when you set up a new HomeKit ready device in your home, it has a QR code that will automatically add it to your Home app. For the Apple TV, however, you have to add it through the TV's settings. Here's how to do it:

6 tips for a better YouTube experience

6 tips and tricks to improve your YouTube mobile experience on iPhone and iPad.

As one of the most popular apps in the history of apps, chances are you use YouTube to one degree or another. Whether you have your own channel and create your own content or you simply watch videos that friends share with you, there are probably some useful functions or "tricks" that you have overlooked that could improve your experience. Here are six such tips:

How to add rooms and zones in iPhone's Home app

How to create rooms and zones in Home app for iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Home app is designed to be a control center for all of your HomeKit accessories - TVs, routers, thermostats, speakers, alarm systems, lights, fans and any other appliances or gadgets you might have connected. When setting up your home in the app it's a good idea to organize your accessories by room and your rooms by zone. For example, you could set up a living room and kitchen in a "first floor" zone, then you could turn the lights on or off in both simply by turning on the lights for that zone. Before setting up rooms and zones you need at least one accessory already added.


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