How to automatically share your Medical ID if you make an emergency call from iPhone

How to automatically share your Medical ID if you make an emergency call from iPhone and iPad.

Your medical information is invaluable to emergency responders and can mean the difference between life and death. EMTs, doctors and nurses need to know things like what medications you might be allergic to, what medical conditions you have, what medications you are taking, what blood type you are and so on, so that they can provide the best treatment as quickly as possible. To this end, Apple has included the ability to automatically share your health information when you make an emergency call in iOS 13.5.

How to change your Zoom background on iPhone

How to change your background in Zoom on iPhone and iPad.

Zoom has been a popular meeting tool for businesses for a while now, and with social distancing becoming modus operandi for most of us, it has become commonplace in popular culture as well. If you have been using it to meet up with friends and family, perhaps you've become tired of having the same old background - your bedroom, living room or wherever. Maybe you have noticed some of your friends have exotic backgrounds and you've been wondering how to change yours.


How to convert handwriting to text on iPhone

How to convert handwriting to text on iPhone and iPad using Google Lens OCR.

Despite today's wide use of computers, tablets and smartphones, handwritten notes, memos and letters are still commonplace. While taking photos of them or scanning them is a great way to document and keep track of such items, actually converting them to digital text files makes them much easier to edit and search through. There are several apps like Pen to Print and Evernote that can accomplish this using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, but they aren't free.

How to create Automations in the Shortcuts app on iPhone

How to create automations in the Shortcuts app on iPhone and iPad.

The Shortcuts app for iOS lets you program a several step routine that uses multiple apps into a "shortcut" that requires just a tap or two. For instance, you could use the pre-written shortcut Home ETA to send your ETA to your significant other when you are on your way home, reducing to a single tap a process that would normally take finding your ETA with Maps, then composing a text message.


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