How to create custom power modes for iPhone with Shortcuts

How to customize Low Power Mode and other battery options on iPhone and iPad.

Low Power Mode is a great way to save battery life when you know you aren't going to be able to charge for a while. It stops automatic downloads and background app activity like iCloud Photos, reduces some visual effects, stops email fetch, applies auto-lock faster and does a bunch of other things all aimed at reducing battery usage. iOS 14 allows you to customize your Low Power Mode (and charging mode) by adding more settings through the Shortcuts app.

How to filter messages from unknown senders on iPhone

How to filter messages from unknown senders on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14 has changed and improved its message filtering in the Messages app. Filtering lets you separate messages from known and unknown senders into separate lists. For example when you get a message from an unknown number, or a PIN sent from a website for two-factor authentication, or a political message or just flat out spam, these messages will be separated from the ones from your contacts, making for a less cluttered message list that is easier to navigate. This feature is off by default so you will have to enable it to use it.

How to translate web pages in Safari on iPhone

How to translate web pages with Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Not only did iOS 14 introduce a real-time Translate app but it gave Safari the long overdue ability to translate web pages as well. It is currently (beta version) limited to English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Russian. You'll likely have to edit your language settings, but once you have them set it is simple to use.

Here's how to translate a web page in Safari on iPhone and iPad:


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