How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone

How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone.

iOS 14 reduced incoming call notifications to a banner at the top of the screen. Most people are probably happy with this, as they can continue doing whatever they were doing without a major interruption, but some people may still prefer the old full screen notification. For one, if you have your iPhone on silent, a full screen call alert is probably going to catch your eye more easily than the smaller version.

How to pin conversations, reply to specific messages and mention people in Messages for Mac

How to pin conversations, inline reply to messages and mention contacts in Messages for macOS Big Sur.

After lagging behind for years, Messages for macOS Big Sur has finally been fully updated and now has all of the capabilities that its iOS counterpart enjoys. In addition to bringing Memoji and Screen Effects up to speed, you can now pin conversations and, respond to specific messages within a thread, and "mention" other members of the conversation, which are all new features included in the recent iOS 14 update. Here's how to use these three new features in Messages on macOS Big Sur:


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