iPhone Calling

How to call contacts from the Home Screen on iPhone

Add contact to home screen

It's easy to forget that the iPhone actually makes phone calls. There are many ways to initiate a phone call, such as launching the Phone app or asking Siri to ring a contact. Now thanks to Shortcuts, iPhone users can even put a contact directly on the Home Screen. Once set up, a single tap on this icon starts a phone call. The shortcut can even be set up to initiate a FaceTime call.

Several frequently called contacts can be added to the Home Screen in this manner. Of course, if you no longer need a person's contact on the iPhone Home Screen, it can easily be removed.

How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone

How to return to full screen call notifications on iPhone.

iOS 14 reduced incoming call notifications to a banner at the top of the screen. Most people are probably happy with this, as they can continue doing whatever they were doing without a major interruption, but some people may still prefer the old full screen notification. For one, if you have your iPhone on silent, a full screen call alert is probably going to catch your eye more easily than the smaller version.


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