iPhone Calling

How can I delete a single call on my iPhone recents list?

UPDATE: You can easily delete an individual call on your Recents list by swiping left on the call you want to remove. This will bring up a large red Delete button. Just tap the button and the call will be removed from the list.

Deleting the entire iPhone calling history is simple, just touch the Clear button in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes you'd rather delete just one phone number from the list.

How can I block incoming calls on my iPhone?

Many iPhone owners expect that incoming call blocking is a built-in feature of the iPhone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Such a feature is controlled at the provider level. Furthermore, most providers fail to offer call blocking to their customers. Providers that do often charge an exorbitant rate for this feature, such as AT&T in the US which offers a service called "Smart Limits" which includes call blocking but comes at a pricey $5 per month.

There are a couple solutions/workarounds that you can implement:

Why does my iPhone screen go blank on a call?

The iPhone will only go blank if you deliberately press the sleep button to shut off the screen during your call, or if you trigger the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is designed to turn off the screen during a call if the iPhone is close to your ear. This prevents accidental pressing of buttons on the screen and saves the battery, as well as keeping your ear cool.

Can I talk on my iPhone and browse the Internet at the same time?

UPDATE: Yes, recent model iPhones can absolutely use LTE data while on a voice call. The original answer below refers to the first generation iPhone, released in 2007:

Unfortunately, no. The iPhone uses the EDGE network for data communications. EDGE cannot be used at the same time as a voice call is active as these two types of communications utilize the same channel.

3G capable phones can transmit data and voice simultaneously without interfering with each other.


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