Where is the equalizer on iPhone?

Spotify equalizer

Many users search under Settings for an equalizer on the iPhone or iPad. An equalizer can be used to customize audio frequencies such as bass or treble, which shapes the sound output. Some listeners enjoy changing the EQ depending on what genre of music is playing.

There are no system-wide EQ settings to customize audio frequencies on the iPhone.


How to adjust the Music equalizer on iPhone

Apple Music

The iPhone has always incorporated music playback as a core feature. The latest models are no different, with full integration of Apple Music as one of the flagship features of Apple's ecosystem. Listeners may be wondering how they can adjust the bass, midrange, and treble coming through their headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not offer a system-wide equalizer to customize audio frequencies.

How to make AirPods volume louder

AirPods Pro active noise cancellation

Can't get your AirPods volume loud enough? There are a few reasons why the volume level may not increase. First of all, you must be actively playing audio for iOS to recognize that you wish to change the volume for a specific app's audio output. Secondly, there could be a problem with your AirPods or your Bluetooth connection. Last but not least, the AirPods volume may be deliberately capped as a safety feature.


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