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Apple releases iOS 17.1 update with new features

Apple iOS 17

Today Apple rolled out the highly-anticipated iOS 17.1 update for iPhone, marking the biggest additions to device functionality since the launch of iOS 17. This update not only addresses bugs and security issues but also introduces several new features.

AirDrop enhancements

AirDrop now allows content to continue transferring over the internet, ensuring seamless sharing even when you're out of AirDrop range. This is a game-changer for those who frequently rely on this feature.

Apple Releases iOS 17 public beta for iPhone

iOS 17 logo

Apple has released the public beta version of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, providing the general public with access to the highly anticipated software since its unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This release follows the availability of three beta versions exclusively for developers, with the public beta now featuring the same content as the third developer beta.

Users enrolled in Apple's beta testing program can download the updates by navigating to Settings -> General -> Software Update, and enabling the iOS 17 Public Beta option.

Update to iOS 11.1.1 to fix these iPhone problems

iOS 11.1.1 update

The latest update to iOS dropped last week, with Apple releasing iOS 11.1.1 to the general public. While the update is minor, for some iPhone owners the install takes on greater importance. The main problem, which is fixed by iOS 11.1.1 revolves around the keyboard and auto-correct. On some devices, iOS users can't type the letter "i" at all. The keyboard automatically replaces "i" with a strange character, sometimes appearing as an "A" followed by a question mark symbol.

Opera Reveals Ice Browser for iOS Coming Soon

Opera Software will launch a new mobile web browser based on WebKit dubbed "Opera Ice". The app will launch in both iOS and Android flavors, and provide a new design intended to simplify the smartphone web browsing experience. Opera's current app, Opera Mini will remain available in the App Store.

Opera Ice iOS app

Opera plans continue development of Opera Mini and use the software as a platform to introduce its users to new mobile apps. When it comes to Opera Ice, the browser will feature an optional home page much like the Speed Dial featured on Opera's desktop software. Users can set their favorite or most-used web pages into a grid of icons for quick access.

Report: Apple to Release iTunes 11 Within Days

After a delay last month, Apple is likely to release iTunes 11 before the end of November. This is according to a report in MacRumors that confirms the software launch will take place within the next few days. Apparently labels have been asked by Apple to submit photos and galleries of their artists.

iTunes 11 launch date

iTunes 11 will feature a redesigned music store layout, which is where Apple could feature the new artist images. Feiyr, a German music distribution service, sent an email to their artists requesting new art for the upcoming iTunes update. Their message stated that iTunes was coming within days and pointed artists to the Promotion section of their website to submit images.


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