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iPhone 4S Jailbroken, Work Underway for Public Release

It may only be the first step, but iPhone developer MuscleNerd has successfully jailbroken the iPhone 4S. According to his post on Twitter, there are "huge missing pieces" with much work to be done before a public release can be contemplated. Still, we can see in the screenshots below that MuscleNerd has jailbroken an iPhone 4S running iOS 5. On the left is console root access on the device.

iPhone 4S jailbreak underway

The right screenshot shows Cydia and Siri running on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5. For those waiting for a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S, this is encouraging news and it's only a matter of time until the iPhone Dev-Team or someone else gets everything together for a major iPhone 4S jailbreak release.

Is Siri an iPhone 4S Security Threat?

Some of you may be wondering if Siri is too good to be true. After all, the technology offers to solve many of your problems via real-time speech interaction. Voice dictation of texts and search parameters is convenient, but at what price? Battery power is not the only thing sacrificed using Siri on the iPhone 4S, that is unless you check your security settings.

Siri security threat

Turns out that Siri (much like Voice Control before its time) can access a whole range of functions without ever entering the passcode lock number that protects your iPhone. Reports have indicated that Siri is capable of changing calendar appointments, writing text messages and sending emails, all without ever entering the passcode that normally protects your iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Surprises Not Mentioned in Apple's Keynote

Even though the iPhone 4S won't hit shelves for another day or two, several surprises have cropped up that Apple didn't mention at the keynote presentation. Some of these are great news for those in the market for an iPhone 4S. Other items that have slowly leaked out might not sound too optimistic but in the scheme of things there should be no major deal breakers for Apple.

iPhone 4S surprises

Of course, many iOS 5 features continue to be discovered and Apple chose to discuss only highlights at the keynote, including the Siri personal assistant, iCloud and improvements to AirPlay. This is certainly the tip of the iceberg as Apple has included over 200 new features in iOS 5. So what did Apple keep to themselves about the iPhone 4S?

Has Apple Integrated Facebook Into iOS 5?

Apple watchers have long known that the company integrated social networking service Twitter into its next generation mobile operating system iOS 5. What remains to be seen is whether or not Facebook will join Twitter and enjoy its own iOS 5 integration on iPhones and iPads. The screenshots below are from MacRumors however the site couldn't vouch for their authenticity.

iOS 5 iPhone Facebook integration

For one thing, the word addresses is spelled wrong which points to these being a simple mockup or someone's independent dream. On the other hand, with Twitter hitting iOS 5 full force it's hard to imagine that Facebook doesn't want a piece of this attention from Apple users. Not only this, but Facebook is strangely said to be planning an iPad app announcement on the same day that Tim Cook is scheduled to announce the next generation iPhone.

Park4U iPhone App Remotely Parks Your Car [Video]

I keep trying to think of a scenario where I would want to park my car while standing next to it. I guess an automatic parking app could come in handy for tight fits that offer little door room. 9to5Mac discovered a video of auto-parts supplier Valeo parking a car using nothing but an iPhone.

At the end of the video, a Valeo representative stands outside a Volkswagen Sharan and parks it using an iPhone (:55 mark). The Automatic Park4U system doesn't control steering, that's left to several sensors that can parallel park with just 22 inches of clearance.


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