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Should I Update my iPhone to iOS 4.3.4 / 4.2.9 Firmware?

Many iPhone owners are wondering whether they should follow the iTunes prompt and update to iOS 4.3.4 or not. There are a few questions you might ask yourself before making this decision to help determine if the 4.3.4 (4.2.9 on Verizon) firmware update is for you. Skipping the update leaves your device at iOS 4.3.3 or earlier, which could be useful down the line.

iOS 4.3.4 firmware update iTunes

First it's important to understand what Apple is trying to accomplish with the iOS 4.3.4 update. The primary purpose is to fix a PDF security vulnerability on your iPhone. This may sound bad, but read on for more details. This vulnerability is the same weakness that makes the remarkably easy and fast JailbreakMe 3.0 procedure possible.

Google Releases iPhone App to Compete with Facebook

Those iPhone users lucky enough to have received an invite to Google's new social networking service can now connect to its 10 million users with a free iPhone app. Google+ is the latest App Store offering by Google, and the software is available now for users running iOS 4.0 or later on their iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4.

Google+ iPhone app social networking

Google+ has been described as Google's answer to Facebook and is expected to launch to the general public in the coming weeks. Currently a member of Google+ must invite you to participate, however this hasn't stopped the web-based service from rapidly taking off. It remains to be seen if Google+ can dent the popularity of social networking giant Facebook.

Apple Patents Wireless Digital Pens For the iPhone and iPad

Two patents filed by Apple suggest that the company is ready to test the waters of stylus type devices. The first product is a digital pen with a conductive heated tip for better interaction with the capacitive-sensors in Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. It features a rechargeable battery and docking station that can connect to an iOS device.

apple digital pen

The second, more interesting digital pen is the “communicating stylus,” a wireless pen that allows the user to send handwritten notes to an iPhone or iPad from across the room. The communicating stylus features accelerometers and wireless transmitters for sending position data to an iOS device. Users can doodle or take notes on their iPhone or iPad by writing in the air or using a whiteboard. Some speculate that Apple plans to introduce these new devices as an attempt to make their hardware more useful to students and teachers.

Apple Moves to Block iOS 5 Jailbreak, Firmware Downgrades

According to the latest research by iPhone Dev-Team Apple has taken steps to make iOS 5 more difficult to jailbreak and downgrade. Although the limera1n exploit used for iOS 4.x jailbreaks still works in beta iOS 5, only a tethered jailbreak is possible at this time. Starting up a jailbroken iPhone tethered requires that the device be connected to a computer while booting.

iOS 5 tethered jailbreak security

It's not clear if Apple's move can be countered in the near future, as the company will begin to generate a unique APTicket every time the iPhone is restored. Not only this, but the APTicket will be verified every time the device is turned on.

Apple Brings iWork Productivity Suite to the iPhone

Apple has released new versions of its three productivity applications as universal apps, so iPhone users can now create and edit documents on the go. Keynote, Pages and Numbers were previously touch-screen optimized and available for the iPad. Now iPhone owners who already have the software on their iPads can upgrade for free.

Apple iPhone app iWork suite Keynote Pages Numbers

For everyone else each individual app in the suite costs $9.99. Keynote is Apple's answer to Microsoft Powerpoint, while Pages and Numbers handle word processing and spreadsheet functions. The products import and save documents in Microsoft compatible formats, although many enterprise users are still looking to Microsoft to create mobile versions of their software.


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