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Apple to Release Final iOS 5 Version Next Week

The golden master version of iOS 5 is due for release on Friday September 23rd according to a recent report from BGR. The same inside source indicated that iOS 5 beta 8 will kick off on Friday September 16 to developers.

iOS 5 logo Apple gold master release

If Apple holds to this schedule, it's likely that the golden master of iOS 5 will be the version of firmware that gets installed onto already completed iPhone 5 hardware sitting at factories in China. Carriers must approve the software for use on their networks, and its possible this deadline would be Wednesday October 5th.

Get iOS 5 Features Now: Reminders (No Jailbreak)

Apple promises to help organize your life into a series of to-do lists with the Reminders feature coming this fall in iOS 5. Integration with the mobile operating system on your iPhone or iPad sounds great, but if you don't want to wait for iOS 5 you can have this functionality right now.

Wunderlist and Dont Forget the Milk Reminder apps

There are two popular apps available on the Apple App Store that can be installed free and will help you use your iOS device to create reminders and task lists today. Both apps are found in the Productivity section of the App Store. First we'll discuss Wunderlist, which has companion apps for desktop computers and even a web app that syncs with your lists.

Get iOS 5 Features Now: Improved Web Browsing

Apple has announced improvements and better functionality in the iOS 5 version of Safari mobile web browser. Did you know you can have all of these features and more without even jailbreaking your iPhone? Two apps get rave reviews and already incorporate the changes coming to iOS 5 later this fall and more. We'll start with the one of the best replacements for Safari, the Atomic Web Browser.

Atomic Web Browser and Instapaper

This app is only $0.99 in the Apple App Store, but it packs a punch when it comes to web browsing features you're used to seeing on the desktop. Tabbed browsing is only the beginning. Atomic has a private browsing mode, colored themes, custom gestures and full screen browsing to start.

Get iOS 5 Features Now: Snap Photos With Volume Buttons

Apple plans to add more functionality to the stock Camera app in iOS 5. One of the features will allow the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone to snap a picture, making it unnecessary to touch the screen. This is much easier and lets the iOS device act more like a standard point-and-shoot camera.

Cydia CameraButtons Tweak

Luckily for those who have jailbroken their iPhones this functionality can be installed right away. A tweak called CameraButtons provides this feature and much more for only 99 cents. To find the app open Cydia and navigate to Sections -> Tweaks -> CameraButtons or find the package using Search.

Does Apple iOS 5 Beta 6 Reveal iPhone 5 Release Date?

The latest round of updates and changes to Apple's mobile operating system hit developer's iPhones yesterday, and with it a new expiration date that could indicate the final release date for iOS 5. Not only this, but Apple's next generation iPhone 5 hardware is expected to launch simultaneously and ship with iOS 5 installed.

Apple iOS 5 beta 6 released

Developers with iOS 5 beta 3 or later can install the beta 6 update over-the-air (OTA) via a 144 MB download. According to developer @iH8sn0w, the expiration date for iOS 5 beta 6 is Thursday September 29, 2011. The million dollar question is will this be the last beta version of iOS 5 or not?


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