How to delete old reminders on iPhone

Clear completed Reminders

The Reminders app continues to add features, making it easier than ever to keep track of to-do lists. Frequent users of Apple Reminders on iPhone or iPad may have noticed that completed reminders are stored indefinitely. This reminders history stays with iOS and is even synced with iCloud when this feature is switched on. iPhone owners may be surprised to know that Reminders keeps so many old and expired reminders around.

How to create location based Reminders on iPhone

How to create location-based reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Most people are probably familiar with creating reminders with specific dates and times, like a reminder for a dentist appointment at 11:00 AM on Monday, or a reminder to go grocery shopping on Thursday. But there are a couple of other useful options aside from assigning a date/time to a reminder, including location-based reminders. These are especially useful for non-urgent situations like remembering to get something you left at a friend's house the last time you were there. Now you can set a reminder to notify you the next time you go to that friend's house.


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