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Patents Show Major Changes Coming to Apple iOS Maps

Two patents submitted by Apple point to major feature enhancements under development that would dramatically change the iOS Maps app on iPhones and other mobile devices. Both patents were discovered in the past two weeks by AppleInsider. The patent diagram below shows Apple's take on augmented reality.

Apple Maps app augmented reality

Several apps have tried to implement augmented reality by overlaying graphics on top of live video from the iPhone camera. In one example, Yelp included a feature that showed nearby businesses directly on live video of the area. The app made waves two years ago as the first iOS augmented reality application, combining data from the camera, GPS and compass.

Apple Goes After Unauthorized iOS 5 Beta Distribution

Some registered Apple developers are finding email warnings from Apple in their inboxes as the company cracks down on unauthorized distribution of iOS 5 beta. Reports from users who have paid developers to activate their UDID (unique device identifiers) indicate that Apple could even be deactivating devices running beta versions of the firmware and suspending developer accounts.

iOS 5 Apple crackdown non-developer

The timing of the reports coincide with Apple's routine deactivation of iOS 5 beta 1 and 2, which could explain some of the deactivations. Version 5 was recently seeded to developers and Apple is expected to release a final iOS 5 firmware to consumers this fall. As usually happens, some developers violate their agreement with Apple and sell device slots to users who can't wait to get their hands on the latest iPhone operating system.

AT&T Cracking Down on iPhone Tethering Sneaks

The party is officially over. iPhone owners who are using their devices as a cellular modem without permission from AT&T are about to see a change in their monthly bill. The wireless provider is about to act on the warnings it sent to users in violation of its terms of service earlier this year.

ATT tethering crackdown

AT&T currently requires a $20 tethering plan to allow the iPhone to share its cellular data connection with other devices. The tethering plan provides 2 GB of data on top of the 2 GB Data Pro plan costing $25 monthly. Here's the catch: those subscribed to the $30 unlimited data plan aren't allowed to sign up for tethering at all.

Photography Gets Better with iPhone iOS 5: A Complete List of New Features

The iPhone has already surpassed other cameras on photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and iOS 5 and the next generation Apple iPhone are sure to accelerate this trend in the fall. Many improvements are in the works for iPhone photography in the next generation firmware.

iOS 5 photography enhancements

Not only this, but the iPhone 5 hardware will likely include an 8 megapixel sensor from suppliers OmniVision and Sony. So what improvements have already been seen in the beta versions of iOS 5? Read on for a complete list.

iOS 5 iPhone Voice Control Feature 'Assistant' Leaks

Sure the iPhone already has voice control commands, just hold down the home button and tell your device to call someone or play a tune. iOS 5 could bring voice control to a whole new level of integration if recent reports from 9to5Mac come true.

iOS 5 voice control integration

Apple has driven speculation that it is bringing improved speech-to-text technology or even voice navigation to iOS 5 since its 2010 acquisition of Siri and recent partnership with Nuance. Both companies currently have free applications in the App Store that heavily utilize voice recognition technology.


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