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Does the iPhone 5 support iOS 10 or later?

Yes, the iPhone 5 is the oldest iPhone model that supports iOS 10 or later. iOS 10 was introduced by Apple on on Monday, June 13 during its WWDC keynote at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. The first beta was released to developers on June 13. The first public beta was made available summer 2016. iOS 10 also marks the end of the iPhone 4s, iPad 2/3 and original iPad mini. These and any older devices can't be upgraded to iOS 10.0 or later. Here's a list of iOS 10 supported devices:



Should I upgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 9.3?

Now that the iPhone SE has been announced, the iPhone 5 and 5s are the new low devices on the totem pole. The iPhone 5 may not be left out as much as the iPhone 4s when it comes ot new features, but its older hardware is beginning to limit what it can do. For example, the iPhone 5 will not support Night Shift mode, and it does not have the hardware to support most of Apple's Health app features.


Can I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8 if it is jailbroken?

You can indeed upgrade a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (as long as they are compatible) to iOS 8. However, you will lose your jailbreak and all jailbreak apps and tweaks.

There is currently no jailbreak for iOS 8, and once you upgrade to the new iOS, you won't be able to return to an earlier version. So if you like your jailbreak tweaks, don't upgrade to iOS 8. At least not until a jailbreak is available for it, which isn't guaranteed.

Apple Offering an Extra $80 for iPhone 5 Trade-Ins with Faulty Sleep/Wake Buttons

Apple last week announced that it would begin replacing the sleep/wake button mechanism on all iPhone 5 models that were manufactured through March 2013. Customers with a faulty sleep/wake button can either bring in or mail their device to an Apple Repair Center and have it fixed free of charge in approximately 4-6 days, or trade it in for an extra $80 of in-store credit, according to 9to5Mac.

iPhone Sleep Button

According to a retail store memo issued to employees, customers can opt to trade-in their broken iPhone 5 for $350 instead of waiting up to 6 days for it to be repaired. $350 is $80 more than the normal non-affected device trade-in value. To take advantage of the deal, your iPhone 5 must exhibit the known sleep-wake issue and have a qualifying serial number. The device must also have no other problems such as a cracked display or other damage.

All iPhone Models $50 Off at Best Buy

Starting Sunday, February 16, through Saturday, February 22, Best Buy will be discounting all iPhone models by $50. This means Best Buy shoppers will be able to nab an iPhone 5 for free, an iPhone 5c for $50 or the iPhone 5s for only $150, when they sign up for a new two-year agreement. The sale also includes all three major carriers AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless.

Best Buy iPhone Sale

Customers can also receive a $50 gift card if they they reserve an iPhone at a Best Buy retail location, Best Buy Mobile specialty store or at BestBuy.com before February 15th.


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