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iPhone 5 Sales Expand to India, Mexico and More

Apple has executed the fastest new device rollout in its history with the iPhone 5. Countries continue to be added to the list, with the latest round slated to get the new iPhone on Friday, November 2. India was originally planned to get the iPhone 5 this week, however the schedule was pushed back due to shipping delays.

iPhone 5 black official release international

The complete list of countries in the next phase of Apple's global iPhone launch includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Greece, India, Malta, Mexico, Romania and Thailand. Analysts are watching to see how India reacts, as Apple has reportedly had difficulty gaining market share due to the higher price of its mobile devices.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Progress Reported by Planetbeing

Good news for iPhone 5 owners looking forward to jailbreaking and installing the Cydia app store on their devices. iPhone Dev-Team member planetbeing reports that he has achieved almost a full tethered jailbreak on the iPhone 5. As posted on his Twitter feed, an upgrade to the jailbreak has allowed iOS 6 tweaks to work on Apple's latest phone.

planetbeing Twitter iPhone 5 jailbreak

There is one caveat with the current jailbreak however, which is that an Apple developer account is required for it to work. Some Dev-Team watchers were disappointed when developer Comex explained he has no plans to develop new jailbreak tools in the near future. After completing an internship at Apple, Comex will focus on other work.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Update: Comex Leaves Apple, Untethered Jailbreak Getting Closer

JailBreakMe developer Comex (aka Nicholas Allegra) has parted ways with Apple after interning for the company for over a year. Comex tweeted the news on Friday: "So… no point in delaying. As of last week, after about a year, I’m no longer associated with Apple."

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

When asked why, Comex responded that he forgot to re-up with Apple by failing to reply to an email. Allegra also told Andy Greenberg of Forbes he does not plan to return to the jaibreaking community, and that his split from Apple did not end badly:

"When I asked Allegra what he plans to work on now, he said he’ll focus on his work at Brown, and doesn’t foresee working on new jailbreaking tools for iOS any time soon."

Google Maps iPhone App Screenshots Leaked

Ever since the iPhone 5 launch, Apple's Maps application has come under fire as one of the top five iPhone 5 complaints. Google Maps fans miss street view and transit directions, and some have experienced other glitches as Apple continues to work on the software. Added functionality from Apple such as turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover mode have made it easier to accept the new Maps.

Rumors have been bouncing around that Google would attempt to release its own stand-alone iOS app to compete with the native Apple version. Whether or not Apple will approve such an app remains to be seen. The images above are purportedly of the alpha version of Google Maps currently in development. Assuming these are genuine, Google is in fact working on a Google Maps application for iOS.

Top Five iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The iPhone 5 may be a technical achievement by Apple, but as always happens when you produce tens of millions of copies, something is bound to go wrong. Reports from early adopters of the latest generation iPhone have been overwhelmingly positive, however there are some users who have experienced problems. None of these have stemmed the record-breaking sales that started on launch day.

Apple iPhone 5 black

Some Apple fans might be waiting to pull the trigger on an upgrade until early iPhone 5 issues are worked out. Often an iOS update will solve some problems, while others are manufacturing glitches that can be returned under the Apple Care warranty. So what has been making headlines in the "needs improvement" department? Here are the top 5 problems, issues and complaints revolving around the iPhone 5 launch.


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