iPhone 5 Sales Expand to India, Mexico and More

Apple has executed the fastest new device rollout in its history with the iPhone 5. Countries continue to be added to the list, with the latest round slated to get the new iPhone on Friday, November 2. India was originally planned to get the iPhone 5 this week, however the schedule was pushed back due to shipping delays.

iPhone 5 black official release international

The complete list of countries in the next phase of Apple's global iPhone launch includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Greece, India, Malta, Mexico, Romania and Thailand. Analysts are watching to see how India reacts, as Apple has reportedly had difficulty gaining market share due to the higher price of its mobile devices.

MacRumors reports that Apple is on track to have the iPhone 5 available in 100 countries before the end of 2012. The most significant release on the horizon is China, which will receive the iPhone 5 in December along with other countries.

Apple initially launched the iPhone 5 in nine countries on September 21, adding another 22 countries the following week. During the company's earnings call this week, Apple explained that the first 30-40 countries were planned in advance, with other release dates adjusted as the quarter progressed based on supply and demand.



Sorry chaps, but due to the recent court decision Apple will no longer be allowed to sell any iPhones in Mexico at all.

I guess that this is what happens when you try and sue a company that registered their "iFone" trademark in 2003.

And now that same company is entitled is allowed to claim no less than 40% of iPhone sales revenues.

Please edit your article to reflect this.