What are the standard gestures in iOS?

Apple defines a list of standard gestures for iOS. Users generally expect these gestures to work in the same way throughout the iOS user interface, and within different apps.

Here is the list of standard iPhone gestures defined by Apple:

1. Tap: Press or select a control or item.

2. Drag: Scroll or pan (move side to side), drag an element.

3. Flick: Scroll or pan quickly.

4. Swipe: With one finger, return to the previous screen or reveal the Delete button in a row.

What system font / typeface does iOS 7 use?

Apple completely redesigned iOS 7 from the ground up, making aesthetic changes to almost every aspect of the user interface. One major difference between iOS 7 and the previous versions is the move to a new system-wide typeface.

iOS 7 uses Helvetica Neue. Versions of this typeface have previously been used by Apple. The Neue Helvetica font family was designed by Linotype Design Studio in 1983, and is widely used in company logos and advertising.

What size are iOS app Settings / Spotlight icons?

iOS developers are required to submit Settings and Spotlight icons for their applications. These icons will appear in Spotlight search results and on the main Settings page. These differ in size from home screen icons.

Settings icons must be created in two sizes:

80 x 80 pixels for Retina display
40 x 40 pixels for standard resolution devices

icons developer

Spotlight icons should also be two sizes:

58 x 58 pixels for Retina display

What size are iOS app home screen icons?

App icons designed for the iOS home screen should be the following size (in pixels):

iPhone and iPod touch Retina display: 120 x 120
iPhone and iPod touch standard resolution: 60 x 60

iPad Retina display: 152 x 152
iPad standard resolution: 76 x 76

home screen icon size

Developers creating a universal app are required to submit icons in all four resolutions, to ensure the icon displays properly on each device home screen.


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