What are the standard gestures in iOS?

What are the standard gestures in iOS?

Apple defines a list of standard gestures for iOS. Users generally expect these gestures to work in the same way throughout the iOS user interface, and within different apps.

Here is the list of standard iPhone gestures defined by Apple:

1. Tap: Press or select a control or item.

2. Drag: Scroll or pan (move side to side), drag an element.

3. Flick: Scroll or pan quickly.

4. Swipe: With one finger, return to the previous screen or reveal the Delete button in a row.

5. Double Tap: Zoom in and center a block of content or an image; then same to zoom out.

6. Pinch: Open to zoom in, pinch close to zoom out.

7. Touch and Hold: In selectable text, shows a magnified view for cursor positioning.

8. Shake: Undo or redo.

Developers should avoid associating different actions with standard gestures, and avoid creating custom gestures that do the same thing as a standard gesture. This helps to reduce confusion within apps and ensures a consistent user experience with iOS.