How to stop Threads from posting on Instagram and Facebook


Threads has responded to user complaints by introducing a new privacy option, which allows users to disable the automatic sharing of Threads posts on Instagram and Facebook. Seeking to boost the popularity of its new platform Threads, Meta displayed suggested posts on other Meta-owned apps. This move triggered criticism from users, who were automatically enrolled in external sharing.

How to enable Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

Facebook app

Dark Mode continues its relentless spread from app to app on iPhones everywhere. Facebook has finally jumped on the bandwagon, rolling out Dark Mode on iOS devices. The app joins Facebook's desktop version in offering a toggle to reverse the background and text colors for easier viewing at night or in dimly lit rooms. Facebook fans can set Dark Mode to automatically mirror the iPhone system settings, or enable the feature full time.

How to have your Facebook page memorialized or deleted after you die

How to add a legacy contact and have your Facebook account deleted after you die.

Your data is unquestionably an asset in this day and age and just like your money and other physical assets, should be planned for in the event of your death. Aside from all of the personal information on your Facebook page, your friends will probably notice if you suddenly go silent, especially if you are an active user. That being the case, you probably want something to be done with your page once you have moved on, rather than leave an unmanned page and people wondering where you are. To avoid this, Facebook lets you have your page either memorialized by a "legacy contact" or deleted.

How to use special characters and symbols in Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and other posts

How to use special characters and symbols in Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and other posts on iPhone and iPad.

Whether you need specific symbols for a technical paper or are simply looking to add some flavor to your social media posts, the iPhone keyboard doesn't have a very extensive library of symbols. You can find a few extra symbols by long pressing on certain keys like the '$' which will reveal a few other currency symbols, and you can find some in the emoji library like the trademark and copyright symbols, but they aren't really ideal (they don't appear as superscripts).


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