Samsung Calls iPhone "Old School" in New Facebook Campaign

Samsung has transformed their Facebook page into an iPhone 4S smear campaign. One image compares the iPhone 4S to two tin cans on a string and other outdated cell phone technology. The "cutting edge" (Samsung Galaxy S II) vs. "old school" (iPhone 4S) ad campaign also pokes fun at the iPhone's screen size, battery problems and Apple not releasing a new iPhone in 2011. Here are some examples of Samsung's recent wall posts making fun of the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Facebook

Take your pick: Carrying a magnifying glass or click to zoom?

Sick of squinting? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

Celebrate your freedom of choice.

Sketchy battery? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

If it looks the same and feels the same - it's probably the same.

Has Apple Integrated Facebook Into iOS 5?

Apple watchers have long known that the company integrated social networking service Twitter into its next generation mobile operating system iOS 5. What remains to be seen is whether or not Facebook will join Twitter and enjoy its own iOS 5 integration on iPhones and iPads. The screenshots below are from MacRumors however the site couldn't vouch for their authenticity.

iOS 5 iPhone Facebook integration

For one thing, the word addresses is spelled wrong which points to these being a simple mockup or someone's independent dream. On the other hand, with Twitter hitting iOS 5 full force it's hard to imagine that Facebook doesn't want a piece of this attention from Apple users. Not only this, but Facebook is strangely said to be planning an iPad app announcement on the same day that Tim Cook is scheduled to announce the next generation iPhone.

Apple Sends Out iPhone 5 Invitations For October 4th

The wait is almost over! Apple sent out invites to select media outlets for their big event on October 4. The invitation featured four iOS icons of a clock, the date, a phone and a map with the tagline "Let's talk iPhone." Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce either the iPhone 5, "iPhone 4S," or both at the event.

iPhone 5

Hopefully most of our questions will be answered and the iPhone 5 will be unveiled. Sprint should be announced as the newest U.S. iPhone carrier, and Facebook is also supposed to launch their new iPad app at the event. At least we know this will put an end to all the wild speculation and internet rumors.

Facebook: A Faster and Easier Way to Send Messages With Your iPhone

Facebook rolled out a new messaging system for iPhones and Android devices on Tuesday. The new Facebook messaging app simplifies the way you stay in contact with your friends and family by offering an extension of the Facebook messaging feature.

iPhone messaging

Facebook Messaging is a separate app that allows you to use one click to receive or send messages that are sent through notifications or texts, making it easier for you to connect with your friends on facbook or in your phone's contact list. The app saves all e-mails, texts, and messages so you can keep track of conversations on your mobile device or computer.


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