Facebook iOS App Gets Free Calling Feature in Update

Facebook has been working hard on its iOS app, with several updates launching recently. The latest free update hit the App Store on February 22. Most visible are new sharing buttons, which are simpler to use and provide an easier way to like, share and comment.

Facebook app iOS

Free in-app calling is now officially a part of the Facebook app for iOS, making it possible to call your friends in the US and Canada without using voice plan minutes. The feature will of course use up some of your data plan as these calls are placed over the Internet.

Google Dominates Top Apps of 2012 Rankings

We already pointed out in December that iOS devices seem to be running more Google apps than any other apps available in the App Store. So it makes sense that five of the top six mobile apps In 2012 were made by the search engine giant. Apple's decision to replace Google Maps on iOS 6 is the only reason why Facebook managed to nab the number one spot in 2012, according to the latest comScore Mobile Metrix ranking. Other apps rounding out the chart include Pandora, iTunes, Cooliris and Yahoo! Messenger.

Google Apps

Facebook also dominated in app usage accounting for 23% of time spent on apps. Facebook's redesigned app, which was much faster and user friendly, probably helped with usage. Facebook's sister app Instagram nabbed 3% of the market, while Gmail was the most used Google app. Various Google apps also accounted for 10% of app usage, making Facebook and Google products the most used on mobile devices in 2012.

How do I make free phone calls with my iPhone using Facebook?

To use the free voice calling feature on the Facebook Messenger app, just tap the "i" icon in the top right hand corner while viewing a chat with the person you want to call. Then select the "Free Call" option. You need to have the free Facebook Messenger app installed, a Facebook account and be connected to Wi-Fi for the feature to work

Make Free Voice Calls From Facebook With Your iPhone

Facebook has begun rolling out its free voice call service to U.S. iPhone users. The free voice calling feature was originally tested in Canada, but now iPhone users in the U.S. with the Facebook Messenger app can also use the service.

Facebook Messenger

To make a free voice call from the Facebook Messenger app, just tap the "i" icon in the top right hand corner while viewing a chat with the person you want to call. You will be taken to the "Contact Info" screen that now features the "Free Call" option. The calls can only be made over a Wi-Fi connection, so don't expect to use it while on the road.

iTunes Digital Gift Cards Added to Facebook Gifts

Facebook is now getting a slice of the Apple iTunes gift card business. A new addition to Facebook Gifts is the ability to purchase digital gift cards good for purchasing music, movies, apps and more on the iTunes store. Buying one of these iTunes gifts simply involves logging into Facebook, charging the gift to your credit card and sending it to a Facebook friend.

Facebook gift card iTunes

How much easier could it be to shop for the holidays? Facebook now has over one billion users every month, and the site is looking for new ways to increase profits. Apple's iTunes gift card business clocks around $2 billion per year. Could Facebook Gifts and iTunes be a match made in heaven?


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