How do I invite someone to join my Facebook Room on my iPhone / iPad?

Facebook's new Rooms app for iOS devices allows you to create and customize "Rooms" with different topics, and invite other people to comment and share images about that specific topic. Users can choose to make their Room either public or private by tapping the gear icon in the top right hand corner to access the "Permissions" panel. If you choose to make your room private, or want to personally invite someone to join your public Room, you will have to send an invite. Here's how:

Facebook Releases Rooms, a Throwback to the Internet Message Board

Facebook has decided to help bring back what it helped kill off -- the internet message board aka forums. The social media giant released today a new app for the iPhone called Rooms. The app allows users to create topics and invite other users to chat about those about those topics on their iPhones. Users can also post photos and videos and customize their rooms anyway they like. The most amazing thing about that app is it does not require your to use your real name, and you can even change your identify to suit different topics. This is far cry from Facebook's normal stance of having to use your birth name, and comes when anonymity has been under heavy fire on the internet.


Rooms doesn't require an email, Facebook account or any verification to participate. You can create your own Room as soon as the app is installed, and you can join other Rooms without signing up or creating an account. All you need to do is be invited to a Room and create a nickname of your choice to begin chatting. Users can invite other members to join their Room via private or public invite.

Why did my Facebook messages disappear?

Facebook has begun phasing out mobile messaging on its main app. Users who want to message their Facebook contacts on their iOS device will need to download the separate Facebook Messenger app. The app is free for all devices running iOS 7.0 or later. It allows users to message and share photos / videos with other Facebook members. The oldest version of Facebook Messenger should be compatible with iOS 4.2.1 and the iPhone 3G.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Facebook vs. Snapchat, Yo, iWatch and More

As expected, Facebook launched its second Snapchat clone after removing Poke from the App Store last month. The new app allows users to send photos and video clips that disappear after a user swipes them away. Facebook's app differs from Snapchat because it forces users to send images or videos before they can view any sent to them. Facebook has been desperately trying to recapture its younger users who have been leaving the company's main service in droves for trendier products such as Yo.

Facebook Slingshot

Unfortunately for Facebook, Yo is already surpassing it in the App Store rankings. The messaging app is currently ranked number 5 on the Apple's Top Free Apps Chart, while Slingshot is nowhere to be found. Yo saw a surge in popularity after the Finacial Times published an article about the app which allows users to send the word "Yo" to their contacts.


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