Why did my Facebook messages disappear?

Why did my Facebook messages disappear?

Facebook has begun phasing out mobile messaging on its main app. Users who want to message their Facebook contacts on their iOS device will need to download the separate Facebook Messenger app. The app is free for all devices running iOS 7.0 or later. It allows users to message and share photos / videos with other Facebook members. The oldest version of Facebook Messenger should be compatible with iOS 4.2.1 and the iPhone 3G.


My husbands Facebook icon disappeared from his main page on his iPhone 4S. He can access it through Safari, but must reinstall FB to get that icon back. It says FB will connect all his FB contacts to the phone when he installs. The last time that happened he lost ALL of his existing phone contacts. Will that happen again? Any way to prevent that?

It shouldn't sync his Facebook contacts unless he does it manually.

If you are using iOS device, your iDevice backup will store your app data, including FaceBook messages. Restoring device from the backup will bring back your lost FaceBook messages generally. However, restore means you have to erase your device and migrate data to your device from the backup. Therefore some data recovery tools may be your best bet. https://goo.gl/UoDqUP