How to check if your Facebook data was breached

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Facebook has created a tool to let users know if their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica. 87 million accounts that used the app This Is Your Digital Life had personal information collected and shared by the developer without consent. While Facebook continues to deal with the issue, this has left many social media users wondering if their data was taken.

How to turn off Facebook's facial recognition feature

How to turn off Facebook facial recognition on iPhone and iPad.

Facebook has been using facial recognition technology to suggest friends to tag in photos for some time now; in December the social media giant announced additional functionality for the technology. Facebook's facial recognition is now being used to find photos of your face in other people's posted pictures and videos.

How to download your Facebook data/history

Facebook Data

From the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal to the recent Android scrapping reports, Facebook has been in the news a lot lately. You may have also recently seen some of your friends posting about how they downloaded their Facebook histories. This isn't another fake "Facebook is going to charge" meme, it turns out that the social network keeps a record of everything you have ever done while logged in to its website or app. This includes all the ads you clicked, photos you uploaded and deleted, every message you have sent and received and so on.

How to delete a Facebook account on iPhone

Facebook delete account permanently

Facebook is back in the news lately. Some people with social media accounts are getting more uncomfortable with having their personal data online. This includes Facebook, which is under increasing scrutiny as data mining companies seek to take advantage of the vast amount of data the company collects. Opting out can be an easy way to avoid sharing information with the wrong people or with sketchy organizations.


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