Facebook is Desperate to Take Over Your iPhone

Facebook's motto seems to be if you can't beat them, buy them, and that's exactly what Mark Zuckerberg tried to do with when his copycat app Poke could not recreate the success of Snapchat. According to reports, Facebook is trying once again to compete with the popular messaging app after failing to acquire the company for a rumored $3 billion.

Facebook Slingshot

Zuckerberg has been secretly overseeing the development of an app known as "Slingshot", which "allows users to send short video messages with just a couple of taps," according to The Financial Times. The new video messaging app features a "simple and speedy user interface" and could be launched this month if Facebook plans to proceed with the project.

Here's Another Reason to Hate Facebook's iOS App

Facebook is determined to make its iOS app even more useless by forcing users to download its standalone Messenger app. According to various sources, the company plans to remove the ability for users to send and receive messages directly from the main Facebook app.

Facebook iOS App

Facebook has already begun sending notifications about the change to some users in Europe. These users will have around two weeks before Facebook rips the messaging tab from their apps. This will either force people to download Facebook Messenger, or cause them to only contact their friends through Facebook’s mobile website. Facebook eventually plans to implement this system worldwide.

How do I turn off auto-playing videos on Facebook?

Version 6.8 of Facebook adds auto-playing videos to your news feed. The good news is videos don’t automatically play sound, but the bad news is there is no way to turn off the new feature when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. Luckily, there is an option to disable them while you are on a cellular network so you do not burn through your data plan. Here's how:

Popular Facebook Game Stick Run Lands on IOS and Android Devices

Stick Run Mobile is an endless running game that was created by a 16-year-old student from Germany. The game became a huge hit on Facebook with over 6 million monthly active users, and it's now available for iOS and Android devices. The game is simple, players must avoid dying while running through a randomly generated level. Players can tap the left and right hand sides of their display to slide under and jump over obstacles such as boxes and saw blades... And that's about it.

Stick Run

If I've leaned anything from playing Stick Run Mobile it is that I'm a huge failure. The game tosses you right into the fire, and doesn't offer much of a learning curve. I spent most of my time slamming into things, and trying to figure out how to smash through the glass walls without dying. The game also doesn't offer much of a variety when it comes to obstacles or difficulty, making it quite tedious.

Secret.li iOS App Allows You to Keep Your Drunk Facebook Pictures Private

Everyone who uses social media knows that Facebook and alcohol don't mix well. That's why developer Pierre Sarda has released Secret.li -- a new iOS app that gives users the ability to control who sees their images, and allows them to automatically destroy photos after a predetermined time.

Secret iOS App

The new iOS app was actually designed for people who are put off by the lack of privacy on Facebook, but still want to share personal photos with family and friends. Secret.li allows a person to upload any image from their iPhone library, and choose who can view it. The user's chosen friends will then receive an in-app and Facebook notification letting them know that an image was uploaded for them to see. The Photos uploaded through the app are eventually destroyed at the end of a specific time limit determined by the user.


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