Snapchat closing down Snapcash payments

Snapcash intro

Well it was fun while it lasted. Snapchat will officially discontinue its Snapcash payments service on August 30th. After almost four years of partnership with Square to bring peer-to-peer payments to Snapchat, the company has confirmed the closure with no further explanation. Users will be notified within the app and through Snapchat's support site.

Snapchat launches Spectacles 2

Spectacles Version 2

Snapchat isn't giving up on wearable hardware launching its next-generation Spectacles on Thursday. The company's first foray into the hardware business didn't go well as demand for the original Spectacles waned, leaving the company stuck with hundreds of thousands of unsold units, according to reports. Snapchat blames "fragmented sales channels" as the reason for the failure, and has ditched the Snapbot distribution model. Originally consumers had to purchase Spectacles from vending machines randomly placed around the US. The limited distribution and high price of Spectacles resulted in overall lackluster sales of the first-generation glasses even though there was a high initial demand.

How to use Snapchat's new Snap Map

How to use Snapchat's Snap Map on iPhone and iPad.

In it's latest update, Snapchat added a major new feature called Snap Map that basically gives you a whole new interface with which you engage your friends by allowing you to share your locations and see what’s going on around each other. Plus you’ll be able to "view Snaps of sporting events, celebrations, breaking news, and more from all across the world." Here's how to get started with Snap Map:


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