How do I send camera roll photos on Snapchat?

How to use photos from your camera roll in Snapchat.

If you are new to Snapchat, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, or just not very familiar with all of its features, you may be disappointed that on the surface it seems like you can only send photos and videos you take with the app and not ones that are already in your camera roll. Fortunately this isn't the case, it's just not that obvious how to do it. If you have the Snapchat app on your iPhone or iPad and want to send photos from your Photos app, there are two ways to do it, here's how:

How can I capture a Snapchat screenshot without alerting the sender?

The whole point of using Snapchat to send photos and videos is to make sure these messages self destruct. By default, if the recipient of a message takes a screenshot before the snap expires, the sender gets a notification alert.

Of course there are many ways to get around this, and capture a screenshot of a Snapchat message secretly.

keep snapchat photos

Supercharge Snapchat with this Free Jailbreak Tweak

Enhancing Snapchat and removing some of the app's restrictions has become a full time job for some jailbreak developers. The latest addition to the growing collection of Snapchat tweaks is dubbed GhostPrefs. Those with jailbroken devices can get a ton of new options in Snapchat after installing this free mod from Cydia.

iOS 7 jailbreak Snapchat preferences

Snapchat is known for its ability to automatically delete messages after a preset time. Taking a screenshot of a photo or video will normally notify the sender that this activity has taken place. Perhaps the most sought-after option included in GhostPrefs prevents Snapchat from sending an alert when screenshots of a message are captured.

Snapchat Adds Location-Based Geofilters for Photos

The popular messaging app Snapchat has added a new location-based feature to enhance users' photography. Known as Geofilters, these custom borders, graphics and text packages can only be added to photos taken in specific locations. Snapchat explains that Geofilters have been developed for neighborhoods in New York and Los Angeles so far.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Snapchat does not store users' locations, but in order for the Geofilters to be available, Location Services must be enabled for the Snapchat app. The early focus on Los Angeles is not surprising, considering that Snapchat headquarters is located in the area. Various businesses and places such as Disneyland and the Venice neighborhood are showcased in the video below.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Facebook vs. Snapchat, Yo, iWatch and More

As expected, Facebook launched its second Snapchat clone after removing Poke from the App Store last month. The new app allows users to send photos and video clips that disappear after a user swipes them away. Facebook's app differs from Snapchat because it forces users to send images or videos before they can view any sent to them. Facebook has been desperately trying to recapture its younger users who have been leaving the company's main service in droves for trendier products such as Yo.

Facebook Slingshot

Unfortunately for Facebook, Yo is already surpassing it in the App Store rankings. The messaging app is currently ranked number 5 on the Apple's Top Free Apps Chart, while Slingshot is nowhere to be found. Yo saw a surge in popularity after the Finacial Times published an article about the app which allows users to send the word "Yo" to their contacts.


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