How to take a screenshot in Snapchat without notification

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Taking secret screenshots on Snapchat is a cat and mouse game. Every time a users discover a new workaround, Snapchat finds a way to keep Snaps secure. The basic idea is that capturing a screenshot triggers a notification to the other party, making sure that communications stay private. Despite their best efforts, it remains possible to secretly screenshot a Snap. Let this also be a warning to anyone sharing with Snapchat: the privacy of communications in any app depends on both parties keeping their side of the deal.

Take a photo of the screen

In any case, there are different ways to capture a Snap. The simplest is to take a photo of your iPhone screen with another device. While not the best quality, this method is the most full-proof and quickest way.

Airplane Mode with Snapchat deletion

Another method to secretly screenshot a Snap is to use Airplane Mode then delete the app. Note that Snapchat updates may render this method obsolete. This takes a few steps but it prevents the other party from receiving a notification:

  1. Launch Snapchat and open the Snap to capture
  2. Open the Control Center and switch on Airplane Mode
  3. Airplane Mode Control Center
  4. Grab whatever screenshots needed from the Snapchat app
  5. From the Home Screen long press the Snapchat icon
  6. Tap Remove App -> Delete App -> Delete
  7. Remove app iOS
  8. Restart your iPhone
  9. After reboot switch off Airplane Mode
  10. Launch the App Store and reinstall the Snapchat app

iPhone screen recording on Mac

If you have a Mac, QuickTime Player can be used to record the iPhone screen directly. Follow these steps to secretly capture a Snap with QuickTime:
  1. With a Lightning cable, connect the iPhone to Mac
  2. Launch QuickTime Player on the Mac
  3. Select File -> New Movie Recording
  4. Click the down arrow next to the record button
  5. QuickTime Player record button
  6. Select the iPhone for Camera and Microphone sources, the iPhone screen should be visible in the QuickTime window on Mac
  7. Launch Snapchat on the iPhone and open the Snap to capture
  8. Either grab a screenshot on Mac (Shift + Command + 3), or start recording in QuickTime to save a video
  9. A copy of the Snap is now on your Mac