Facebook: A Faster and Easier Way to Send Messages With Your iPhone

Facebook rolled out a new messaging system for iPhones and Android devices on Tuesday. The new Facebook messaging app simplifies the way you stay in contact with your friends and family by offering an extension of the Facebook messaging feature.

iPhone messaging

Facebook Messaging is a separate app that allows you to use one click to receive or send messages that are sent through notifications or texts, making it easier for you to connect with your friends on facbook or in your phone's contact list. The app saves all e-mails, texts, and messages so you can keep track of conversations on your mobile device or computer.

The app also allows you to start group conversations and attach photos to messages. This sounds like a great messaging software for people who use many ways to stay in contact with friends. There is nothing more annoying than starting a conversation through e-mail and finishing it through text messages. Especially when you're making plans to meet with more than one person.

You can search for "Facebook Messenger" in your phone's app store, or Facebook will text you a link.