How to stop Threads from posting on Instagram and Facebook


Threads has responded to user complaints by introducing a new privacy option, which allows users to disable the automatic sharing of Threads posts on Instagram and Facebook. Seeking to boost the popularity of its new platform Threads, Meta displayed suggested posts on other Meta-owned apps. This move triggered criticism from users, who were automatically enrolled in external sharing.

Sharing Threads posts with Facebook and Instagram audiences doesn't always make sense, as a user's followers on each app can differ significantly from their Threads connections. Complaints from users ranged from concerns about maintaining separate audiences to dissatisfaction with the quality of suggested Threads.

Acknowledging the backlash, Meta responded by adding a new privacy option which allows users to disable automatic sharing. Despite user feedback, the sharing feature remains on by default, pointing to Meta's growth-first strategy. Threads initially capitalized on its built-in Instagram audience, achieving rapid onboarding and reaching 150 million downloads faster than any previous app.

Follow these steps to disable automatic cross-posting from Threads:
  1. Launch the Threads app
  2. Tap the profile tab in the bottom right
  3. Open the More menu (sandwich) at top right
  4. Select Privacy -> Suggesting posts on other apps
  5. Switch off Instagram and/or Facebook to opt out of cross-posting