SEGA Forever brings classic game titles to iOS

SEGA Forever iOS releases

SEGA is blowing the doors off the retro gaming world with familiar titles ported to iOS. The company plans to release games from its console heyday every month as part of its SEGA Forever classic games collection. Anyone who is a fan of the SEGA Genesis, Dreamcast, or Master System can get these games free on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Verreciel is a gaming app that offers something different

Verreciel iOS vector game

There may be no shortage of incredible iOS games, but as an iPhone user, it’s easy to fall into a download rut that sees you continuously turn to the same old arcade ports, endless runners, puzzle games and other common titles that dominate the marketplace.

These games may be perfect for providing short bursts of amusement on the go, but sometimes you crave something that offers a little more. A game that provides entertainment that goes beyond tapping your phone at the right time. A game that’s going to ask more from you than just some well-timed screen taps. A game that... well, a game that’s a little different.

Record like it's 1984 with VHS Camcorder for iPhone

Rarevision VHS Camcorder iOS

There's nothing quite like the iOS app VHS Camcorder, except for digging up some 30-year old tapes to see if they play. Thanks to Rarevision anyone with an iPhone can recreate VHS video complete with distorted audio, washed-out color and magnetic particle fallout. Developer Thomas Worth based the app on the same JVC GR-C1 camcorder used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. This all-in-one VHS-C video camera was the first of its kind. So what does it take to record like it's 1984?

This Tape Recorder is an iPhone Speaker [Retro]

Rewind to the 1980s with the perfect gift to complement the iPhone. Music fans will enjoy the throwback look and feel of the portable speaker known as the iRecorder. Tactile buttons provide volume control, track skipping and play/stop functionality with the iOS device loaded into the old school cassette tape compartment.

iRecorder iPhone speaker accessory

To connect the iPhone to the iRecorder, a 3.5mm jack is provided. Plug into the headphone port on the iPhone, then insert the iOS device into the cassette compartment. Close the tape door, pull out the retractable handle, and your tunes are ready to go anywhere. The iRecorder fits both the iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s body styles.

Polaroid Launches Official iPhone Camera App

With all of the retro iPhone photography apps that are available, filters and borders that simulate Polaroid instant prints have been popular. Now Polaroid has finally entered the game with their own official iPhone photography app.

iPhone app Polaroid

For $0.99 you can purchase the Polaroid Digital Camera App and take advantage of 15 preset filters and colored borders. Filters can be seen instantly through live preview.


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