SEGA Forever brings classic game titles to iOS

SEGA Forever iOS releases

SEGA is blowing the doors off the retro gaming world with familiar titles ported to iOS. The company plans to release games from its console heyday every month as part of its SEGA Forever classic games collection. Anyone who is a fan of the SEGA Genesis, Dreamcast, or Master System can get these games free on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The SEGA Forever website is packed with information including upcoming titles, with Virtua Tennis currently on deck. Other games in the works for mobile users include Crazy Taxi, Ecco the Dolphin, Super Hang-On, Shinobi and more. Ads can be removed from the free versions with an In-App Purchase for $1.99. Otherwise, there are several features to both the free and ad-free games.

Not only can players save game progress, but Leaderboards can be viewed. This doesn't mean you have to be connected to play- the games work offline, too. With integrated Bluetooth controller support, adding a third-party wireless controller is easy. They even come with iMessage sticker packs to match each title. Look for new (old) games every month. Here's the commercial from SEGA promoting the launch of SEGA Forever.

This week's SEGA Forever releases