Apple Arcade Review: Legends of Kingdom Rush

Legends of Kingdom Rush

Ironhide Game Studios has moved their popular Kingdom Rush series to Apple's subscription gaming service. Is it worth paying $4.99 to play the newest title in the series? Probably not, but you can get a month free which is plenty enough time to test out Legends of Kingdom Rush. This is not a tower defence game, instead it's a "epic turn-based combat" RPG with roguelike elements.

iOS Game Review: Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North is a real-time strategy game where you defend your island kingdom from Viking invaders who have killed off your king. Each level is a uniquely generated island populated with 1-3 buildings that you can defend with up to 4 armies. Viking raiders attack in waves from the sea using a variety of counter measures to breach your defenses. You will need to decide where to position your troops to give them the best chance of fending off the waves of incoming enemies.

Review: Nomad Base Station Stand

Review of Nomad Qi wireless charging Base Station Stand for iPhone and AirPods.

All iPhones since the iPhone 8, including all of the iPhone X and 11 models, are capable of wireless charging. This feature, while by no means a necessity, is certainly a convenience - with a wireless charging pad on your bedside table you simply put your iPhone down on it, letting you avoid searching for your lightning cable which has probably fallen to the floor.

Review: Nomad Active Rugged Case

Nomad Active Rugged Case

I'm not a fan of iPhone cases, not until I finally broke a phone after going caseless since the iPhone 4s. After paying to repair my device I finally caved and purchased a screen protector. I didn't go full case because I hate bulky stuff in my pocket, and no matter how thin a case may be, it adds mass to your phone. I finally decided to give the Nomad Active Rugged Case a spin after purchasing a new iPhone 11. The phone is just too nice to risk damage and I wanted to keep my nice sea green casing free from scratches.

Review: The ultra-portable, fast charging Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C unboxing

While the name might be long, Anker's PowerPort Atom III Slim charger is simplicity at its finest. The design is lightweight, compact, and foldable to ensure maximum portability. And once it's plugged in, this charger delivers a whopping 30 watts of fast charging power. We love the Anker Elite USB charger, but if you need USB-C compatibility, the PowerPort Atom III Slim is the way to go.


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