Review: Nomad Active Rugged Case

Nomad Active Rugged Case

I'm not a fan of iPhone cases, not until I finally broke a phone after going caseless since the iPhone 4s. After paying to repair my device I finally caved and purchased a screen protector. I didn't go full case because I hate bulky stuff in my pocket, and no matter how thin a case may be, it adds mass to your phone. I finally decided to give the Nomad Active Rugged Case a spin after purchasing a new iPhone 11. The phone is just too nice to risk damage and I wanted to keep my nice sea green casing free from scratches.

The Nomad Active Rugged Case features a minimalist design for those who just want protection and not extra bling. It is slim with a water-resistant leather exterior and soft interior so it won't scratch the back of your iPhone. It includes all the necessary cutouts, is compatible with wireless charging and features dual lanyard attachment points.

It is easy to snap the Nomad Active case on and off your phone. This is a necessary feature of an iPhone case since you should repeatedly remove it to clear the dust that collects on your device while using a protective product. The hydrophobic leather also has a nicer feel than most hard cases. However, even with its "thin construction" the Nomad Active does add a bit of bulk to the already large iPhone 11. This is an unfortunate trade off if you want to protect your iPhone from damage. It also covers my nice gree shell which is depressing.

The Nomad Active Rugged promises to offer 6-foot drop protection and from "unexpected splashes, sweaty workouts, and any other adventures." It doesn't include much of a bumper so you may want to invest in a screen protector if you are worried about cracks in your display.

The Nomad Active Rugged case is available for around $50. It is available in only mocha brown and black.