5 best cases for the iPhone X

Speck Presidio Clear iPhone X

New iPhone X owners may want to reconsider going caseless now that the smartphone has been deemed the “most breakable" Apple device ever released by warranty provider SquareTrade. The iPhone X has performed miserably in drop tests and it is the most expensive iPhone ever to repair. The OLED display on the iPhone X is much more costly to replace than the LCD screens found on previous models. Apple lists screen repair for the iPhone X at $279 and all other damage at $549. The iPhone 8 Plus is only $169 for screen repair and $399 for other damage, as a comparison.

Your best defense against iPhone X damage is first investing in an AppleCare+ plan then purchasing a decent case. There are already tons of iPhone X cases available from trusted accessory makers. Here are a few that we always recommend.

Otterbox - As usual the always reliable Otterbox already has a huge variety of cases available for the iPhone X. The Commuter Series is an affordable option. Its compact from factor is designed for "people who are going places." It includes a synthetic rubber slipcover and polycarbonate shell which are guaranteed to protect from drops and keep dust and dirt out of your ports. For even more protection OtterBox offers its Pursuit Series with advanced PursuiTech features, and its trusted Defender Series with multi-layer drop proof protection. These cases are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can see all of the Otterbox iPhone X options at otterbox.com.

Otterbox iPhone X

ZAGG - One of the oldest and most trusted screen protectors on the market the invisibleSHIELD has come a long way. Now offered in three new models (sapphire defense, glass+ and hd) the ZAGG screen protector defends against broken and scratched displays. All invisibleSHIELDs come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Sapphire Hybrid glass features 7X shatter protection that's sapphire infused for advanced impact, scratch, and smudge protection.
  • Glass+ Ion Matrix™ technology features 3X shatter protection plus reinforced edges for the strongest, smoothest tempered glass protection available.
  • HD Military Grade, premium scratch protection with high-definition clarity that helps preserve every pixel.

All ZAGG invisibleSHIELD models also ship for free.

Speck - Sometimes you not only want to protect your iPhone from damage, but you also want to add a little bling or color. Speck is the company that offers a variety of cases with eye catching colors and designs. At the time of this post the iPhone X options are a bit limited, but I'm sure Speck will eventually release more options. As of right now there are still plenty to choose from, including the Presidio Printed case pictured above. Speck also has clear glitter, neon, metallic options and more. You can shop Speck through amazon or direct through speckproducts.com.

Vena - A new contender is Vena, who has expanded its popular vCommute Wallet Smartphone Combo Case to cover both the iPhone X and newly released Samsung Galaxy models. The vCommute promises to deliver military grade protection while offering a hidden card slot to securely stores IDs, credit/debit cards, or transit cards. The case also includes a mutli-angle lock stand and it is compatible with Apple Pay and magnetic car mounts. The VCommuter Wallet case is available at venaproducts.com.

vCommute iPhone X

Griffin Technology - Griffin's iPhone X lineup includes shatter-resistant screen protectors and several Survivor cases in different styles. The Survivor Extreme offers the most protection with its high-durometer TPU, shatter-resistant polycarbonate and silicone shell. It's been tested in 10-foot drops on concrete, and designed to meet or exceed US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810-G standards. All of Griffin's iPhone X models are availble through amazon.com or direct through griffintechnology.com.


You missed my favourite brand spigen cases.