iPhone X

iPhone XS camera bump grows in size

iPhone XS case with iPhone X

Those looking to re-use an older iPhone X case with a brand new iPhone XS may run into trouble. Cases designed to tightly fit around the rear camera bump are facing a change in size between models. While the difference is slight, the iPhone XS camera bump is larger in length compared to the camera on the previous model.

What to expect at Apple's fall 2018 keynote

iPhone 2018

The world is only two days away from Apple's fall 2018 keynote. Wednesday promises to reveal a several new pieces of hardware, including a new iPhone lineup and major improvements to the Apple Watch. Apple is said to be working on a new iPad Pro as well, however this device is unlikely to be announced this week.

How to add a second person to Face ID on iPhone X

How to add a second person to Face ID on iPhone X.

You probably know by now that Apple replaced Touch ID with Face ID on the iPhone X, which uses its True Depth camera to take a 3-D scan of your face rather than a 2-D image of your finger print. The recognition software learns more as it goes and is pretty good at ID-ing you even if your appearance is somewhat altered with a new hairstyle, facial hair, glasses, a different expression or what have you.


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