How to check your iPhone or iPad warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

How to check your iPhone or iPad's warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

Apple's iPhones and iPads are covered by a one year limited warranty, starting on the purchase date. You have always been able to check how much time you have left by heading to and entering your iPhone's serial number. iOS 12.2 has made this process a whole lot easier by simply putting the warranty info (and AppleCare if you have it) right in your Settings. Here's how to find it on your iPhone or iPad:

How to fix iPhone 6 Plus 'Touch Disease'

iPhone 6 Plus Rose Gold

Some iPhone 6 Plus owners who have dropped their devices are experiencing a gray flickering bar at the top of the display. This visual problem is often accompanied by issues with the touch screen and gestures not working, in a bug that has been described as "Touch Disease". Although this is rare, enough customers have been affected by the problem that Apple launched an official Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus. So how can one get their iPhone 6 Plus touch screen fixed?

Apple Reveals Out-of-Warranty Repair Fees for Watch

Now that AppleCare+ pricing on Apple Watch has been released, many buyers will purchase coverage. Besides extending the default warranty, the service provides for two incidents of accidental damage repair for a fee. But what happens when the Apple Watch falls outside the warranty period, or if the device is not covered by an AppleCare+ plan?

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The simple answer is that customers will have to pay out of pocket for repairs. Damage not covered under warranty or any necessary repairs after the warranty (or AppleCare+) expires incurs a fee. Apple Authorized Service Providers will charge for service based upon the following schedule:

AppleCare+ for Watch and iPhone Offers Combo Deal

Apple has announced a special deal along with standard AppleCare+ pricing on Apple Watch. iPhone owners without AppleCare+ will have the option to purchase an AppleCare+ combo plan with their watch, covering both devices for two years. While the plans cost the same as purchasing both plans separately, there is an advantage to the combo deal.

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iPhones up to six months old can be covered at the time of Apple Watch purchase for two years. This is in contrast to standard policies, which require that AppleCare+ be purchased within 60 days. Covering both devices will run $149 with an Apple Watch Sport, $169 for Apple Watch, and $1600 for Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch Edition owners get three years of coverage with AppleCare+.


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