Apple Preparing Staff for iOS 7 Confusion

It is hard to believe but not everyone obsesses over their smartphone, and a lot of people probably don't realize how much iOS 7 is going to change the look of their Apple devices. This leaves no doubt that iOS 7 is going to confuse and anger many users once it becomes public in September, but Apple is making sure that its technical staff is ready to handle the backlash.

iOS 7

Apple is requiring that its AppleCare staff complete iOS 7 training by the "second week of September," according to 9to5Mac. Apple is also asking part-time employees to become full-time members in anticipation of a busy September launch. Requiring that its staff be prepared for a new product is nothing new, but Apple employees may be fielding a lot more calls than usual when it comes to iOS 7.

Fix Your Broken iPhone 5 Display for $149

One of the best deals in iPhone 5 repair just hit Apple retail locations. The Genius Bar will now perform in-store iPhone 5 display repairs for just $149 for those who didn't bother to purchase AppleCare. According to MacRumors, Apple stands to save around $1 billion per year by performing the repairs locally at retail locations.

iFixit repair iPhone 4 screen

Customers will also benefit, now that a busted or malfunctioning iPhone 5 screen can be repaired in-house, saving both time and money. Apple is shifting its services to provide more repair options at a lower cost. This has pressed independent repair outfits to drop pricing in a bid to remain competitive against the iPhone manufacturer.

Apple Improving iPhone Water Damage Sensors?

Hoping for a waterproof iPhone 5 later this summer? A recent patent uncovered by AppleInsider could mean that Apple is throwing cold water on the concept. New immersion detection sensors are described that would more accurately determine when a device was damaged by water.

Apple patent immersion indicator

Current Liquid Submersion Indicators found on Apple products simply turn red after they come into contact with water. This has caused problems as even a high level of humidity can sometimes trigger the indicator to turn a different color. The patent describes an improved method that would use water-soluble glue.

News Roundup: iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Continue

The furor over Apple's iPhone 4 antenna design and its impacts on reception when held in the so-called "Death Grip" continue and here are the latest developments. First of all, don't expect AppleCare representatives to replace your iPhone 4 if you're experiencing the issue. Not only this, but Apple employees have been explicitly told not to offer owners free iPhone 4 Bumper cases.

apple iphone 4 bumper case

A leaked document posted on BGR instructs Genius Bar employees to troubleshoot the problem, however if the antenna works fine when the iPhone 4 is resting flat on a table, then Apple considers the device to be properly operating. A software fix is not mentioned, and several solutions are to be suggested to the customer.

Video: iPhone 3GS Takes Four Bullets

Every iPhone owner has had moments of frustration. Most of us refrain from smashing our phones to bits or throwing it out the window. Others take their anger to a whole new level.

One firearm owner with an iPhone 3GS to spare has performed his own ballistics tests on the device and posted the results on YouTube. Apple probably didn't anticipate their phones would have to take bullets when they designed the 3GS.


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