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How to restore the iOS 7 app switcher


The iOS 9 app switcher is not without its faults. Some iPhone owners, especially those with smaller screens, have complained that switching apps is difficult. The problem arises due to overlapping app cards combined with overly fluid motion. Sometimes scrolling between apps results in having to go back and forth several times, as the targeted app card is missed or floats by too quickly. The jailbreak tweak AppSwitcher7 solves these problems by resurrecting a previous app switcher design.

Add a Decline Call Button to iOS

Incoming call controls can be modified on jailbroken iOS devices with the tweak Cou. Once installed, Cou changes the steps required to decline an incoming call. Instead of a "slide to answer" slider, the user is presented with two individual buttons, Decline and Accept.

iOS 7 jailbreak Cou

Tapping Decline will have the same effect as pressing the power button twice, which declines the call. This can make it faster and easier to decline a call, however the buttons can also be accidentally pressed more easily. Cou provides a toggle to enable or disable the tweak entirely.

How to Delete Bluetooth Devices from the iPhone

Once paired with the iPhone, Bluetooth devices are remembered for future use, even after they are disconnected. In some cases, a long list of Bluetooth devices can be confusing, especially if some are duplicates or will never be used again. Removing paired Bluetooth devices from the iPhone can solve this problem.

iOS 7 remove paired Bluetooth device1

Once removed, a device will need to be re-paired from the beginning in order to be used again. To begin the process of removing a Bluetooth device from iOS 7, first navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth. Bluetooth must be switched ON for the list of paired devices to be displayed.

How to Make Turn-by-Turn Walking Your Default Directions in iOS 7 Maps

How many times have you used Apple Maps while walking only to realize it was giving you turn-by-turn driving directions? There is actually a really quick fix for this if you're using iOS 7. If you're a frequent walker, you may not realize you can change your settings to make Apple Maps give you walking directions by default. Here's how:

iOS 7 Maps Tricks

Navigate to Settings > Maps and scroll down until you see the "Preferred Directions" section. From here you can simply tap the "Walking" panel to set your default directions. You will know your Preferred Directions is set when a blue check appears next to the word "Walking".

Unlock Hidden Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 7

With the launch of iOS 7 Apple included dynamic wallpapers for the lock and home screens for the first time. Fans of the feature might be surprised to know that iOS 7 has five additional moving wallpapers that are hidden by default. This brings the total number of built-in dynamic backgrounds to 12.

unlock hidden iOS 7 wallpaper

To unlock these hidden dynamic wallpapers the iOS 7 device must be jailbroken. A free tweak named HiddenWallpapers does the trick. Simply install from Cydia and respring to reveal the additional five dynamic wallpaper options under Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper.


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